Command line

The full list of options and what they do can be found on the Command Line Interface (CLI) documentation page: Cellpose CLI. A description of the most important settings can be found on the Settings page.

Command Line Usage

Run python -m cellpose and specify parameters as below. For instance to run on a folder with images where cytoplasm is green and nucleus is blue and save the output as a png (using default diameter 30):

python -m cellpose --dir ~/images_cyto/test/ --pretrained_model cyto --chan 2 --chan2 3 --save_png

You can specify the diameter for all the images or set to 0 if you want the algorithm to estimate it on an image by image basis. Here is how to run on nuclear data (grayscale) where the diameter is automatically estimated:

python -m cellpose --dir ~/images_nuclei/test/ --pretrained_model nuclei --diameter 0. --save_png


The path given to --dir must be an absolute path.